Let’s Talk About Podcasts

Podcasts are a wealth of knowledge! They say there is always time to improve yourself. Even on the commute to work you could learn something new every day! Or reinforce knowledge you know is there to inspire your greatness. I have 4-5 podcasts I listen to daily on my commute to school. The Almost 30Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Podcasts”

Let’s Talk About Gender Bias

I said in my last post about school that I would talk about some gender bias I have experienced. I will try to not let this post get too lengthy but it’s something I’m pretty passionate about so get ready. 😉 Let me start by saying it’s 2018. Gender bias should not be something thatContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Gender Bias”

Let’s Talk About Going Back to School

A Baccalaureate degree is the new high school diploma. Yikes. When I graduated high school (barely) there was no chance I was going to college. At that point, school was not for me. I assured my parents I just needed some time off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. ThisContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Going Back to School”

Lets Talk about Time management!

Ok so this is something I understand everybody struggles with!! I did too at first… No this is not just as simple as “buy a planner”. Yes I own a planner. But for 1 sometimes I forget I have a planner, forget to write in the planner… There are a couple common mistakes people makeContinue reading “Lets Talk about Time management!”