Lets Talk about Time management!

Ok so this is something I understand everybody struggles with!! I did too at first… No this is not just as simple as “buy a planner”. Yes I own a planner. But for 1 sometimes I forget I have a planner, forget to write in the planner… There are a couple common mistakes people make with their planners as well…

#1 Size Matters!!

My number one mistake was buying a planner that was the same size as all my books. I am a full time college student as well as a full time mommy. As sad as it sounds I was FAR too lazy to actually pull my planner out of my backpack. I experienced much more success after purchasing a small wallet sized planner that fits in my purse.

#2 Keep yourself organized!

This may be a given, but keeping things inside the planner organized is important. I use colors. Personal items are in pink(because lets face it pink is awesome). Items for my son are Green(because green is almost as awesome as pink but less girly). And things having to do with school are blue. and then everything else goes in orange.

#3 Don’t Limit Yourself!

Don’t limit yourself to just the planner! a large advantage to it is having it at hand when someone asks if you are busy a certain time. However I am a very visual person! I have a big calendar I keep on my wall as well so that I have big in my face reminders. Every Sunday before I start my meal planning I go through my planner and put all my events up on the board.

#4 Give yourself enough time.

This is where I think everybody fails in their time management. make sure you give yourself enough time to complete tasks, enough time to travel between tasks, and a little extra time JUST IN CASE!!! Its the just in case that always throws people off, how many times have you given yourself just enough time to get somewhere, you look down and your poor vehicle needs gas? Putting you 10 minutes behind schedule. So annoying. If this happens and you haven’t allowed yourself the just in case time then make sure you are in contact with the person or event so that you can let them know when you will be there. Its just common courtesy. I personally give myself at least a 15 minute buffer. If you always plan to be 15 minuets early then even if you have to stop for gas last minute you will still be on time.

#5 Create Habits

It’s more than just knowing what needs to be done in a day. But also knowing say, when your car is going to run out of gas, or knowing how many days you can go without putting gas in your car and knowing yo schedule in a time to give it gas. I can go 5 days without putting gas in my car. So I make time on Tuesdays and Fridays to stop for gas. Even if my car isn’t empty I still stop on these two days. It’s helps prevent those moments mentioned in #4 when you get in the car and realize you need gas. You only have to do something 7 times in order for it to be a habit. The first 7 times/days/weeks can be the hardest. Mistakes can be made as long as you make an effort to get back on track you can get in done.

This is especially important in learning to use your planner. Also I have decided to support a new project called “Project Evo”. It is a planner that is designed for your brain type. Brilliant idea because not everyone views the world the same way. Practice makes better!! The more effort you put in to learning how to manage your time the better you will get at it. If you just throw your hands in the air and say you are not good at it then that is all you will ever be. But even if you are bad at it, it only takes practice to figure out the best system that works for you. In the world of instant gratification it’s hard to accept that learning things takes time. Don’t give up on yourself. Only you can change you.

Lets Talk about Traveling Cheap!

Hey guys!! Thought everyone may have been interested in how I booked my vacation to florida, from cololrado in just $650.

Sitting at home the other day, about a month away from my spring break from school. I am so ready right now. And my mother suggests that I have a vaction to Lubuck Texas. That she would watch my son for the week. I told her “Mom, if you are going to keep my little monster for a week I am going somewhere more interesting than Texas.” (No offense readers from the Lonestar State! If you have ever been to Lubbock you probably understand what I mean)

so began my search. I did a little research on the most “Fun” places to go on spring break. Yes, I realize I am an adult. I am 27 and going on spring break I am going to be surrounded by rambunctious 21 year olds… I have accepted this fact. I was a step mom in my early 20’s and did not get the college spring break experience. So I am overdue.

On my research I found out that the most popular places to be were: Daytona Beach Fl, South Padre Island, Myrtle Beach SC,¬†and Long Beach California I think it was? I didn’t want to go to Cali. The ocean is cold in Cali. No thank you. I want to go where the ocean is blue and warm. Being from Colorado, I have never been to the ocean. So I want the full white sandy beach experience. Thank you.

Anyways, I found flights to orladno and myrtle beach, which were WAAAAY more money than I really wanted to pay for a plane ticket. But I was determined to find a flight to the east coast. I happened to catch a little window on my google flights page that told me if I was flexible on the airport I could find a cheaper flight! ***CLICK*** I was taken to a page with tickets to Miami. $400 booking direct through American airlines! DONE!

Now that my flight was handled it was time to figure out where on earth I was going to stay. Of course hotels come to mind but they can be sooooo expensive. Here was my secret. I looked at Airbnb.com. Best decision I Have EVER made. The platform was simple, I said I wanted to be in Miami, I put in a price range I was willing to pay, and it gave me a list of places I could stay in my price range. I found an adorable tent, YES I SAID TENT, with a queen sized mattress, in a nice lady’s back yard. This may not be ideal for most. Please note I did make this reservation with intent to stay in Miami by myself. and sleeping was not high on my list of things to do in Miami on spring break. BUT the point is you can find affordable accomidations. I found rooms in London for $25 a night. They exist, you just have to be patient and look. And being willing to stay in unconventional places! I’ve seen postings for a grain silo that was converted into an apartment. Accommodations on Airbnb can also get into the extremes! That’s why the price range tool is so important!

Next topic to cover… Transportation. Did you know may major cities provide 7 day long public transportation passes? $300 for Uber to get around while I am down there. NO THANKS! I purchased myself a $30 bus pass. looked up the routes for all the things I’m going to do. Its a vacation. I do not care about a little extra time on the bus to get to fun places!

Alright, just 2 more topics I am going to cover. All the fun stuff to do. I purchased a Go City Card. Can be found at http://www.smartdestinations.com. I bought 3 days worth of touristy stuff to do on my 5 day vacation. The Miami Bus tour, a day in the keys, glass bottom boat tours, everglades. THINGS TO DOOOOO. 3 days for $129. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I know people especially people that like to travel want to avoid the “touristy things” to immerse in the culture. Which I love, but when you are traveling domestically sometimes it can just be fun to have things to do. I am also not a drinker! So I like to have museums to visit and fun activities to do without drinking. Not to mention the go city card actually offered different ways to get around, and I ended up not even needing that bus pass! Miami also has several forms of free transportation, the more places I visit the more I learn that free transportation is everywhere!!

My last unconventional idea is for my food! I am a healthy eater. and for the last month, to get ready to live in a bikini for 6 days. I have been eating nothing but fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and meats. Might sound crazy, but A) I lost 2 dress sizes and B) being on this fab diet means my food in florida will be cheap cheap!! Taking a small cooler to the beach every day with fruits and granola bars. But I have been told I cant leave Miami without eating in Little Havana. It’s on the list! Feel free to comment with questions, I leave in 5 days and will be posting about if it all went well after the trip. MUCH LOVE!!

I have made small edits to this post since I made the trip. It was great! Literally the best decision I made was the go city card! It came with several boat tours. I actually used one of the tours to get to a museum I wanted to visit! I also did a TON Of walking. Walking like that is not for everyone, but to be honest walking in Miami is really easy. The two BEST attractions I got with the Go City Card was a trip to the Everglades, they picked me up at the hotel that was closest to my Airbnb on one of those big travel busses. With tons of other very friendly people! And took us to an alligator experience that lasted all day! The second was a similar trip to Key west! As long as you have time to take full advantage of what the card has to offer the Go City card is worth it!


Hi! My name is Laci!! I am 33, married, I have a wonderful 7 year old son, and pregnant with baby number 2! I have full time employment in a lab, with 3 Airbnb properties under my belt, Needless to say I am a BUSY momma. But it has always been a love of mine to write.

Even more that just that I’ve always wanted to write advise for women to be successful. Helping them find confidence in themselves. This will not be your typical self help blog. I am loud and verbose but most of all I tell it like it is. Individual results may vary. This is what had worked for ME! How I went from being broken by a wrecked relationship, to successful home owner married to the man of my dreams. Fitness, makeup, self help, fashion, and some delicious recipes along the way! Not to mention my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays!!!

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