Increasing your Odds with Online Dating

It’s no secret, in the past I treated online dating like a competitive sport. Being a single mom that decided to go back to college at 25 with a bunch of 18 year olds, my dating pool was relatively slim. There was the occasional shining star in my classes that would be my age, butContinue reading “Increasing your Odds with Online Dating”

Let’s Talk About My Trip to Vegas

Not too long after I made my post about traveling cheap to Florida I decided to join the Frontier Airlines “Deal Den”. Let me start by saying if you don’t really care how comfortable you are on a plane and don’t need to bring luggage then Frontier is the way to fly. Their seats areContinue reading “Let’s Talk About My Trip to Vegas”

Lets Talk about Traveling Cheap!

Hey guys!! Thought everyone may have been interested in how I booked my vacation to florida, from cololrado in just $650. Sitting at home the other day, about a month away from my spring break from school. I am so ready right now. And my mother suggests that I have a vaction to Lubuck Texas.Continue reading “Lets Talk about Traveling Cheap!”