How Hustlers Handle Mornings!

Are you a Hustler? Do you want to be?

Are you burnt out? Feel like you just couldn’t add anything more? Feeling pressured from debt? Coffee dependent? Need a side hustle or a full time hustle to break out of the monotony of life?

I felt that way too almost all the time. Being a full time student, Covid pushed my son out of school and into home schooling, my husband joined the army so I was left to run the house myself. I wasn’t working because of home schooling and covid. I was floundering. Luckily enough I was able to go in on a significant investment with some friends and we build a cabin to put on airbnb for some passive income. I also decided it was time to start a social media management business so I could get some work done from home. I have a few proven side hustles I’ll post in a separate article.

My point being that I am not a person that can just rest on my laurels. and in order to balance everything going on in life, I have to start with an efficient morning! And I am going to share my tips here with you!

1. Getting Enough Sleep

This is probably the most important thing. And I’m not saying that you need to go to bed at 5pm. I am not the best sleeper, and a night owl. If I get too much sleep I am essentially non-functional the next day, where as my husband is non functional if he gets less than 8hours. Everyone is a little different when it comes to their optimal amount of sleep. Paying attention to how your body feels when you wake up will help you determine your optimal sleep time.

2. Wake up early

This might seem like a no brainer. But “early” is also something that has various meanings to people. When I say “early” I mean wake up 2-3 hours before you have to leave the house. If you have a 7-3:30 job that means getting up at 5 or even 4 am. Which can sounds unreasonable, but if you want to get up at 5 and your sleep time is 8 hours that means bed by 8:30, and hopefully asleep by 9. If you are like me, a 6 hour sleep time means bed by 10:30 asleep by 11. Having those 2-3 hours is so essential in the morning. You have time to adequately wake up, and plan your action steps for the day. Eat your breakfast (if you do that), write in your vision journal, and really think about your goals, workout meditate or stretch, and most importantly get ready for the day ahead without being in a rush. Rushing makes you forget things, like your goals for success.

3. Set a bedtime Alarm

Getting into good habits can be hard. Anyone who has ever been on a diet can attest to this. It’s easy to say “I’m going to get up 2 hours early” go to bed at your normal bedtime then I’m the morning hit snooze 3x and get up 30 minutes before work and still be in the same vicious cycle. But if you are going to wake up two hours earlier you have to adjust your circadian rhythm. Messing with your circadian rhythm can put your body into “fight or flight” mode and cause anxiety. Once you determine your optimal sleep time, decide what time you want to wake up and use your sleep time to calculate when you need to be asleep. Then set your bedtime alarm for 30 minutes before that. As a rule, for that 30 minutes before you need to actually be asleep, don’t look at a screen. The blue light can make it difficult to fall asleep. Read, meditate, listen to music. If your phone has a sleep feature then use it.

Implementing these three strategies can have you on your way to being a bonafide hustler! How you start your day is a direct reflection of how the rest of your day will go. If you wake up rested, plan your day, plan your action steps, and start with momentum you will be able to jump into a successful day!

Published by Lyfeof Laci

I am just a woman trying to break through to people that it’s not just a man’s world. I am doing what I can with the power I have to change the world!

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