Let’s talk about dieting

The diet culture in this country is a little crazy. I have been a victim of the harsh judgements of other people since I was rather young.

It’s not fun to not feel beautiful, or sexy or attractive. It can do a lot to really damage your self image. When I was in high school I was practically addicted to hydroxy-cut, the idea that you could just take a pill to lose weight was probably the most beautiful idea.

After my son was born I decided to get serious about losing that pregnancy weight. Little did I know that going on an elimination diet, would not only help me slim down but actually change the way my body functioned!

On my journey I discovered a sensitivity to whey and casein which are the proteins in milk. Cutting out dairy my skin was clear for the first time since adolescence. Re- introducing foods slowly really helped me pinpoint problems in my diet, that kept me constantly bloated and uncomfortable.

With this information in hand I set out to write a book. A little about my journey but mostly about how I structured the diet that changed my body!

I’m not going to feed you a bunch of bologna about how much weight you can lose. I wrote this to help give you the tools to listen to your body. People talk about intuitive eating as if it’s as simple as making that proclamation out loud. It’s not. Especially if there are foods in your diet, that you eat constantly and you don’t realize it’s causing a problem because the symptoms are always present. In my opinion, In order to intuitively eat you need to know what your body feels like when it has no symptoms at all.

So my book the Inspyre Diet can be found here on Amazon!!

I would love it! If you would give it a read and reach out to me about how the diet made you feel! You are my favorite people so you heard it here first! I hope it helps!

Let’s Go!

Published by Lyfeof Laci

I am just a woman trying to break through to people that it’s not just a man’s world. I am doing what I can with the power I have to change the world!

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