Planning a Wedding in 2 weeks

What a nightmare!!! For many women this could be the WORST thing to happen. But for women engaged to men that want to be soldiers this is sometimes the reality.

My husband and I were recently engaged to be married, then he received news that would change the course of our life together. A rare coveted position was available in a unit he wanted to be in. The catch being that he would be leaving for basic training in 2 short weeks. Anyone that knows even a little about the military knows benefits and pay are better for soldiers. The army knows that married soldiers get in less trouble and perform better. Not to mention if your soon to be spouse is injured at basic and you two aren’t married, well you aren’t even on the list of people to be notified.

So my husband and I decided we would take a little trip to the courthouse and sign some papers, so myself and our son would be taken care of in his absence. This reality was simply unacceptable to my best friend, my mother, and a number of our mutual friends. So after a short discussion we decided to have a small get together IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.

With 2 weeks to plan I knew there were a lot of things I’d need to throw out the window. Having tailored dresses and suits, OUT. A coveted venue, OUT, which was fine because I wanted to get married in the woods anyway but that’s not what we did. So I picked the things most important to me and made those the centerpiece.

I also must mention that it never would have come together without the help of several amazing friends. But let’s start with the list!

1. Who: like I said all this occurred in the middle of a flipping pandemic. We did reach out to local authorities and the public health department and were laughed at when we said we wanted 25 people at the wedding. That 25 tried several times to spiral out of control. But we managed to keep a lid on it, disappointing family members and friends alike. But when you are rushing something like this, the less moving pieces you have to deal with the better.

2. Where: so our original plan was to reserve a pavilion at a park. Which in a time crunch is a GREAT IDEA. But Covid, and it was taking the health department a while to get back to us. When a generous friend offered their farm as a venue. This took 4 people with elbow grease and time to get the space to be exactly what I wanted. But for an October wedding, being surrounded by the fall harvest and being in a black dress this was literally perfect.

3.What: even though this wedding was a shotgun I wanted to get as much continuity as I could. I picked fall harvest colors. Black, white, purple and orange. This was actually a theme discussed with my hubby on our third date! We both loved the idea of a non traditional wedding with myself in a black dress and him in a white tux. As we’ve gotten to know each other not only has he but his whole friend group warmed up to the idea of my being a witch and would expect nothing less than a witchy wedding.

4. Decorations: this one was a little more difficult. I wanted as little plastic as humanly possible. I have a bleeding heart for the environment. So I wanted to incorporate as many natural things as I could. I also literally HATE cut flowers. So my friend from the farm was able to find a place that would sell us 40 pumpkins and I was SOLD. This was probably the priciest purchase for our wedding. It would have been easy to get seasonal decorations from the dollar store, I just didn’t want to throw things away, and my guests would get to take home pumpkins of all colors and shapes. I did end up getting plastic table cloths, and a few skeins of burlap for other decorations.

5. Food: this was easy. We had 25 people and with the invitation I sent a request that we not get presents ( moving around with the military with too much sentimental shit is not my style) instead I had friends bring individually wrapped food items! This for pandemic sake had people sharing less utensils and saved us from spending cash on the food. It’s also helpful to know, we’d lived together for some time and there was very little we needed in terms of traditional wedding gifts. So our friends putting their love into food was gift enough.

6. Music: this is also a category that I had a ton of help with. My best friends father is a musician, so I had access to local musicians who came to play during cocktails and dinner. And left their sound system so I could play my carefully curated wedding playlist when it was time to party.

7. Alcohol: Costco… that it all 😂 we provided beer wine and champagne for the astonishing price of $175 for 25 people… worth it.

8. Cake: so on my food list one of my friends volunteered to make cupcakes… uh done. I did however purchase a turtle cake from a local bakery for $40. No decorations just a delicious cake.

9. The dress: this category took a lot of Compromise. I wanted a black classy ball gown. Difficult to come by on short notice. So I ordered my top 3 favorites on amazon prime and returned the ones that didn’t make the cut. Same with my head piece. Thank you amazon.

10. The Tux: kohl’s has a great men’s formal wear section. We got my mans white and black 2 toned tux for a whopping $40.

11. Odds and ends. This event occurring during a pandemic we decided to offer as party gifts special face masks! My mother in law is a wonderful seamstress and made 30 masks for our guests to choose from. And gift bags from my mother with a small token from my son, my man and myself with a beautiful poem explaining the gifts.

12. Our Minister: as anyone who has ever watched TV should know it’s very easy to get ordained. My best friend did so, so that she may share with us on our special day. We did a Celtic hand fasting including my son and blessings from the elements.

All in all our ceremony was beautiful. And i couldn’t have asked for more.

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I am just a woman trying to break through to people that it’s not just a man’s world. I am doing what I can with the power I have to change the world!

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