Weight loss Wraps at home

Hey guys!! Remember a couple years ago when a certain company that claimed effectiveness was all the rage?! I had so many friends sign up to sell those awesome weight loss wraps! I would never claim that something a company put out did not work, but perhaps just not exactly they way they claim. The principal has been around in sports training for years. Many wrestlers will literally wrap themselves in garbage bags and tape in order to drop a weight class.

I think the problem with the expensive boutique wraps was they made it seem like weight magically melted off the body with no need for diet or exercise. This is simply not true, your body needs proper conditions in order to “melt” fat. Here is a little trick I use for 3 days before I do a photo shoot that requires an exposed mid drift.


Vitamin E cream

Seran Wrap(plastic cling wrap of any kind)

Coffee grounds(used from this morning are fine!!

Before a good session of cardio thoroughly lather your stomach, thighs, arms, whatever the problem area(I would suggest focusing on one problem area per 3 day interval, stomach is a good thermally active center so start there). Then use the cling wrap to cover the area with two layers of cling. At this point you can also add a sweater, sweat pants, a beanie, things that will help you sweat.

Commence with your cardio/workout session. You can leave the wrap in up to 4 hours total. Do at least 3 days but I wouldn’t exceed 5 unless you are switching areas of the body.

This gets a little icky.. just as a warning. The cling wrap traps all that sweat that you are causing during your cardio routine! So taking it off can be a little messy… i suggest taking care of it in the shower… seriously. I wouldn’t claim that this “melts fat” but it certainly can give the appearance of a flat tummy when accompanied with healthy diets, i like to do it leading up to a fasting day, my tummy is very sensitive and has a habit of getting bloated so before a bikini photo shoot i try to make sure i have a 16 hour empty stomach so i don’t have to be digitally edited. Please do your research before throwing yourself into a fasting regimen. And know that these wraps don’t permanently eliminate fat, but are a great addition to a weight loss routine when your have a short term goal in mind!

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