Girl, know your worth!

This story is a little embarrassing. I am a lit, woke 30 year old millennial female who knows she’s a boss bitch. These are things I have always known, but when you are 20 it’s hard hard to shout it from the rooftops and own it. Unfortunately, some of us have to be dragged through the mud a few times to really understand how wonderful we are. In this love and logic series I’m going to expose a lot of sad mistreatment, as well as some of the less admirable things I’ve done. This story is a mud bog for sure. I’ll let you know that about a year after all this happened, he did contact me and apologize for being such an awful person to me.

So, as I have mentioned my friends and I were avid participants in the party culture. After a show I went with one of my girls to get friends house for us to keep the party going. This was how I met “Skunk boy”-legit this is what my friends called him because he had black hair with a white stripe- We hit it off, he was very attractive. Due to the setting we decided to hang out the following weekend during the daylight hours. He was a tattoo apprentice, so he was not very flush with cash, so we decided to take in a movie. I don’t think we made it through the movie… neither of us wanted anything that serious, so our relationship was mostly about… well… not wearing clothes. Which was fantastic!

It started out innocently enough, I met his brother, and some of his friends. But as time went on we saw each other less and less during the day. He wouldn’t come to meet my friends, he wouldn’t bring me around his friends. Till the last month 2-3 nights a week he would text me after 10pm to hang out. Before we start the skunk bashing, he did warn me that he was a sad boy. And in my early years I had a strong attraction to sad boys. Some part of me always wanted to heal them with my love… which trust me ladies, happiness comes from within. No amount of love or sex can fix a sad boy that doesn’t want to be fixed.

Some girls, you know who you are, your hearts are like a beacon to the sad boys and they seem to flock to you. But you have to change your frame of mind, because sad boys will often leave you unfulfilled.

So realizing that Skunk boy had reduced my attention to a late night booty call I started to question some things. Even though my plan wasn’t to fall in love and marry this boy, I still deserved some common courtesy. I still wanted to have a friend, and after he acknowledged my point, I left and he stopped responding to me completely. No calls, no texts, nothing. That was it. I moved on, I wasn’t sad, things went on in my life, met new guys. And as if said about a year later he found me online to apologize for not being a good friend to me and essentially used me for a couple months.

If you get a feeling that a relationship is greatly one sided and it’s not something you are ok with, then it’s something you need to talk about. Know your value! If you want something more than what he has to offer it’s ok to not be ok with it. But it’s important that you communicate the problems you are having with him. Only do things that make you feel good about yourself.

I really hope you can learn something from my past!! I’d love to hear from you!! See the contact page for ways to get ahold of me!


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I am just a woman trying to break through to people that it’s not just a man’s world. I am doing what I can with the power I have to change the world!

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