Blue Purple ombré hair at home!

Hey guys!! Totally did a thing today and colored my hair with a blue to purple ombré!! I think this is my new favorite style

Let me start with a photo of my hair before hand.

I know I’m such a ham, I was being encouraged to make duck lips! If you follow me on insta @lyfeoflaci you will see I almost never make duck lips!!!

Anyway back to the point. I have light brown/dark blonde very porous hair. By porous I mean my hair doesn’t hold onto color very well. It is very easily sun bleached and red tones won’t stay for anything! That brings me to

STEP 1: Lightening, for my hair I used a 30 Volume developer. Because I have virgin hair!! What?!? Yeah virgin, so it took me About 15 minutes with Wella brand lightening powder. I left 1-3 inches of root at the top of my head because I wanted dark roots. Most lightning powder will tell you to do this anyway.

I bought aqua and radiant orchid Ion Brights because they only called for a level 7 blonde that I knew would be easy to achieve without causing too much damage.

Make sure you have all the hair do accoutrement before you start. A bowl, a brush and gloves!! Make sure you do a strand test so you know how long to leave your lightener on for the level of blonde for what you want.

Your instructions will also tell you that you need to separate your hair into 1 inch sections. This is where a lot of people make mistakes because they think it’ll be fine to “wing it”. But don’t!! If you do larger chunks it’s more likely you’ll miss parts. It’s also better if you have foil but I have been known to use a grocery store sack to keep the product from drying out. That causes damage!!

STEP 2: Start with the blue! A section at a time I added 3-5 inches of blue. Over the entire head, the hairs that were only this length are completely blue.

STEP 3: Add the purple!! Starting at the back go back through your sections and blend the blue and purple! Then leave it!! I left my colors on for 2 hours, and hit it with a blow dryer once when I first put it on, and once again before rinsing. I also took this time to tint my eyebrows!! Follow this link to the post about how I tinted my eyebrows at home!!

STEP 4: Rinse, blow dry, style and most importantly make sure you didn’t miss any spots!! I always buy enough dye for 3 rounds, first, fixing mistakes then maintenance.

Hope you enjoyed!

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