Can Women Have it All…?

It is a fast paced world we are living in. Feminism is running rampant, women are demanding to make more money than their phallic possessing counterparts, companies don’t want to give us what we want so we branch out to build it ourselves!

Something all women want to know is can we have it all? Can we be the rock star career woman, loving mother, perfect wife, kick ass feminist, and sexy goddess all rolled into one package? I hate to break it to you ladies but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done everything women want to do. Take it from someone struggling to be a good mom, top notch student, kick ass feminist, online millionaire, and doting girlfriend (maybe someday wife).

And it is hard… SO hard. I do the best I can, I feel awful that my son has to be put into a preschool so I can go to college, I think he would benefit more from a mommy that is home to teach him and be patient. But he is stuck with me, and I am bull headed also sometimes impatient. But I am also working my tail off to get an education so that some day his life is just a little easier. While he is the greatest motivation behind what I do he is also suffering because going to school takes so much time, and he has to deal with me being broke while I figure it all out (Not that children care AT ALL about how much money you make, all they want is your attention…. but attention is hard to give when you are “on” 24 hours a day trying to make a living). So because he doesn’t get every second of my time I do try to make the time I get with him count, gymnastics, soccer, action figures, cars and as much fun activities as I can manage between homework assignments. I may not be a 4.0 student, which is fine I still maintain a 3.0 and build great relationships with my teachers because I am the same age as a lot of them. My kick ass feminism is confined to this and one other blog (Girl Boss International) which I have HUGE ideas for! but I can only do things one step at a time. So this blog is where it started. And it is only mildly feminist based. Some things more than others yeah? The online Millionaire… Doesn’t everyone have this dream? that they will post something online and it will go viral and they will not only be famous but rich on top of it? I feel like everyone just wants their voice to be heard and blogging is a great way to achieve that goal!

So at the moment I do not have it all…. I really don’t think anyone can truly have it all… It is hard to be a devoted wife and mother without sacrificing some of those feminist ideals… Impossible to be the perfect stay at home mom while also making an insane fortune and making a difference in the world… Something always has to give. And what gives is different for everyone, how you choose what to prioritize is the decision of every women with her inner goddess. There is NO SHAME!!!! in what you believe to be the most important things.

Woman are the powerhouse of the world. We bring new humans into this world, I believe that woman can do anything! We just may not be able  to do everything at once.

Published by Lyfeof Laci

I am just a woman trying to break through to people that it’s not just a man’s world. I am doing what I can with the power I have to change the world!

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