Lets Talk about how to meal plan!!

Ugh meal planning… It’s the start of a new year and I know you ladies are trying to get fit for the new year! I know I do this every year! And I succeed in having a beach body ready by summer, but half way through summer I give up and start putting weight onContinue reading “Lets Talk about how to meal plan!!”

Lets Talk about Time management!

Ok so this is something I understand everybody struggles with!! I did too at first… No this is not just as simple as “buy a planner”. Yes I own a planner. But for 1 sometimes I forget I have a planner, forget to write in the planner… There are a couple common mistakes people makeContinue reading “Lets Talk about Time management!”

Lets Talk about Traveling Cheap!

Hey guys!! Thought everyone may have been interested in how I booked my vacation to florida, from cololrado in just $650. Sitting at home the other day, about a month away from my spring break from school. I am so ready right now. And my mother suggests that I have a vaction to Lubuck Texas.Continue reading “Lets Talk about Traveling Cheap!”